Information for Students


For centuries, Engineers have been contributing important innovations in all kinds of industry areas. The areas where Engineering plays an important role have grown in recent years and range from Civil Engineering to Information Engineering.  On average, Engineers earn more than most professions, including teaching and many office jobs, with many earning £30,000 - £40,000 per year within two or three years of graduation. Some even eventually end up on £100,000 or more per year.  Many Engineers, after working in engineering, also change jobs, using their experience for different roles. Engineering is also a profession where travel and team work play an important role, making the job that much more interesting in the longer term.



At our past events, we have provided students with the opportunity to improve their understanding of engineering and engineering concepts through participation in activities involving problem solving, speaking (as part of a group), presentation, cooperation and team work, creative expression involving drawing and learning, and increased knowledge of the role that engineering lays in Sport and life. 


Your Role

As a student you will participate in a variety of different activities designed to demonstrate the link between engineering and sport, through which you will be introduced into how engineers design and solve problems, from creating better sporting shoes to making sure that sporting venues such as swimming pools, kayaking courses or surfaces for athletic competitions meet all the requirements that different sports have.



If you are interested in SET for Sport, we will be happy to visit your school, please contact us.