Information for the Local Authorities

 SET for Sport aims to encourage pupils, in particular in schools with a low uptake of engineering-related subjects, to consider engineering as a worthwhile pathway for them.  One of Portia's aims is to use research evidence to promote the view that more diverse participation in SET helps create a more creative and productive environment.
It is too early to subject the SET for Sport experience to any systematic analysis, however,  we are confident that students enjoy the event and are inspired to think about sport in a different, rooted in engineering way, and that the involvement of young volunteer engineers help raise children's individual aspirations with regard to the prospects of following a career in engineering.


 Your Role

As a member of the local authorities we hope that you will be aiding us arrangements of the venues, and interactions with local schools, for example offering the event to your network of schools.


 Please contact us with any questions you may have.