Information for Teachers


Since the launch event on 30th September 2009 at the Hackney Town Hall, SET for Sport has been delivered primarily within schools, though these have differed greatly with regard to the nature of the venue and local conditions.  The design of the SET for Sport is flexible enough to adapt to delivery in most schools and other types of venue where a large hall is available to accommodate between 40 - 70 individuals.

Our experience has been that even the most reluctant pupils tend to drop their reservations about taking part very quickly after the event starts and become fully engaged in the activities.  It has been very impressive to witness each time how they progress towards creating valid and interesting arguments, using engineering concepts and vocabulary during the final task, the debate on the limits of engineering in Sport.  



Your Role

As a teacher you will be able to take on either a more active role in guiding students through the activities or a more passive role by ensuring that pupils behave themselves.   Although, until now, each event involved the volunteer engineers and the team from Portia, we have developed a Lesson Plan in anticipation of the possibility that the SET for Sport event could be delivered independently by teachers in a school.  We have developed materials to train volunteers, which can be adapted for use by teachers.


If you wish to suggest an event at your school, please contact us.