''I just wanted to say that as a post A level student aspiring to become an engineer, the experience of volunteering was enlightening; the process of meeting and volunteering with engineers as well as fulfilling a task of getting the best out of students in designing projects was highly accomplishing...

" ... it was a uniquely enjoyable experience in which we, the volunteers, were able to noticeably impart our passion for engineering to some of the engineers of the future."  Dinesh Advani, Engineering undergraduate, IMechE Young Members Board Student Representative

"I definitely think a few of our students are now considering engineering as a career option as a result!" Emma Nichol, School Games Activator, Redborne School Sports Partnership

"Each time, I have enjoyed the opportunity to talk with the kids about how Science, Engineering and Technology matter.” Ridgely Johnson, Project Manager, NATS (Chemical Eng), member of IMechE

“Volunteering at SET for Sport was an excellent opportunity for me to help generate interest in STEM subjects and challenge my ability to communicate with children and inspire them to think about science and engineering. It was a fun experience and great to work with and get to know so...

"I was really impressed with how creative ... [the students] were and it was very rewarding to help them develop those ideas, understand the engineering principles behind and then create presentations for the rest of their group." Margaret Hamilton, Mechanical Engineer, Arup, member of IMechE

"Your efforts, enthusiasm and knowledge on the day enhanced our students learning" Emma Nichol, School Games Activator, Redborne School Sports Partnership

“I think it is good to take time with the next generation to expose them to how their hard work in the classroom can lead into the exciting world of engineering.  By working along side the children on the thought-provoking exercises throughout the day, I am always inspired by their...

SET for Sport is an engagement day facilitated by volunteer Engineers, examining engineers impact in the evolution of sport and sporting equipment.  The day is designed for Yr7 - Yr 10 students to spark their interest in engineering as an academic subject and a career by highlighting the wide range of areas that engineering affects and that engineers work in.


In setting up SET for Sport and during the pilot phase, Portia collaborated with many organisations, in particular The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) and The Hackney Learning Trust.  The pilot phase included organising the event at many different venues, engaging engineers and teachers, and responding to the feedback from all participants.  We have had a 100% satisfaction Rate  from all the schools and volunteers who attended our events. You can see that the pupils find it both informative and very enjoyable. They find that they can easily communicate with the engineers and receive the support they need in a friendly, informal but informative way, gathering insights to engineering and engineering as a career.  The SET for Sport experience enables schools to expand their teaching materials to give students a break from everyday school life.


The message promoted by Portia through the SET for Sport initiative is that engineering is a prestigious and a vital profession, with a highly diverse range of application areas, from building a house to making a unique microchip. Throughout the event, volunteer engineers are able to introduce basic career information about the most common engineering professions such as Chemical, Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical and Structural engineering, and contributing institutions are able to provide more detailed career advice in their area of specialisation.



The SET for Sport is an ongoing initiative that continues to be improved and enhanced in the light of past experience and feedback in order to increase the level of educational interest and impact, and improve opportunities for interaction and communication between the professional engineering community and the potential future pools of engineering talent.