The SET for Sport event involves a range of activities, which encourage children to work as a team and involve them in both creative and competitive tasks designed to encourage reasoning about sport and sporting equipment using engineering concepts and vocabulary.  The participation of young engineers, who volunteer their time, ensures that there is sufficient encouragement and support to help the children express their ideas in an engineering way. The day-long event culminates with a consensus oriented debate on the topic Should There Be a Limit on the Amount of Engineering in Sport. Over the course of the events conducted so far we have made sure that these activities are accessible, enjoyable and educational. A lesson plan has been prepared for schools that would like to conduct these activities as part of their curriculum and is available on request.


The large range of activities includes:


Learning about engineering careers


Preparing a presentation for a   competition

Comparing Athletic Shoes


Debating on engineering in Sport


Experience training on Racing Bikes


Matching shoes to the sport


Learning about sports surfaces


Recording your measurements


Tug of War


Designing a shoe for a tug of war   competition