About SET for Sport

SET for Sport was founded in 2008 by Portia Ltd to promote engineering as a subject for study and as a career to young people, and in particular girls.  Since then this initiative has been tested in a number of different school settings and has proven that the approach of using sport and the history of the development of olympic sports as a 'hook' to demonstrate what engineering is about appeals to and motivates  children of all ages.  Since then, children from many different backgrounds have taken part in the SET for Sport events and enjoyed the experience hugely. 



This is a list of the organisations  who have supported Portia in the development of SET for Sport

The SET for Sport partnership involves:

  • Portia (leading SET for Sport)
  • Ove Arup Foundation (initial sponsors)
  • Institution of Mechanical Engineers
  • Hackney Learning Trust
  • Royal Academy of Engineering
  • Institution of Civil Engineers
  • Institution of Engineering and Technology
  • Nike


Thank you to everyone who has been involved in SET for Sport.