"For me, working with children was a great way to practice how to communicate clearly and focus on what really matters in an assignment. It was also very inspiring to see the collaboration and eagerness within the kids. A great day." Alec McCullie, Mechanical Engineer, Member of the IMechE

“Volunteering at SET for Sport was an excellent opportunity for me to help generate interest in STEM subjects and challenge my ability to communicate with children and inspire them to think about science and engineering. It was a fun experience and great to work with and get to know so many other young engineers from different companies and industries.“ Jennifer Elvin, Mechanical Engineer, BP, Member of IMechE

"I was really impressed with how creative ... [the students] were and it was very rewarding to help them develop those ideas, understand the engineering principles behind and then create presentations for the rest of their group." Margaret Hamilton, Mechanical Engineer, Arup, member of IMechE

''I just wanted to say that as a post A level student aspiring to become an engineer, the experience of volunteering was enlightening; the process of meeting and volunteering with engineers as well as fulfilling a task of getting the best out of students in designing projects was highly accomplishing for me and for those I was mentoring too. It was great to network and get familiar with engineers and their professions; for all I know these may be the engineers I work with in the future'' - Oren Yefet, engineering student

"Each time, I have enjoyed the opportunity to talk with the kids about how Science, Engineering and Technology matter.” Ridgely Johnson, Project Manager, NATS (Chemical Eng), member of IMechE

“ ... innovative ideas and convincing debate from the day may well have been provided by one of our future Young Women Engineers of the Year!” James Dickson, Senior Development Director, Advanced Power, member of IMechE

"I definitely think a few of our students are now considering engineering as a career option as a result!" Emma Nichol, School Games Activator, Redborne School Sports Partnership

“I think it is good to take time with the next generation to expose them to how their hard work in the classroom can lead into the exciting world of engineering.  By working along side the children on the thought-provoking exercises throughout the day, I am always inspired by their willingness to learn and apply their knowledge to designing solutions to each challenge.”  Ridgely Johnson, Project Manager, NATS (Chemical Eng), Member of the IMechE

" ... it was a uniquely enjoyable experience in which we, the volunteers, were able to noticeably impart our passion for engineering to some of the engineers of the future."  Dinesh Advani, Engineering undergraduate, IMechE Young Members Board Student Representative

"Your efforts, enthusiasm and knowledge on the day enhanced our students learning" Emma Nichol, School Games Activator, Redborne School Sports Partnership